Burbank City Employees Association

This page will help you find answers to frequently asked questions. If you weren’t able to find your answer, please contact the BCEA office at (818) 843-8650 and we will be happy to help you with your question.

How do I become a member?
You can either come in to our office and pick up a “new member packet”, or ask  your shop steward for a one. You may also call the BCEA office and we will be happy to interoffice mail it to you via city mail.
What benefits do I get as a member?
As a dues paying member you are entitled to representation, and input into process regarding wages and work conditions. You also have voting rights, which means you can vote for your President, Executive Board members, and Trustees. You may also run for BCEA office as a Shop Steward, Executive Board member. You may be nominated for BCEA position as a committee member for Retirement Plans, Benefits, Salary Survey, or Recreation committees. You are welcome to membership meetings and events. As a member you are entitled to any discounted offers provided to our members.  Members are also covered by the BCEA’s Death Benefit paid to the members beneficiary.  
What is the different between a Fee Payer and Full Member?
A Fee Payer pays 0.65% of his/her salary to the Union and is entitled to representation only. A Full Dues Member pays 1% of his/her salary to the Union. As such Members have full voting rights on BCEA officers, and Contract ratification votes. When a new employees begins his/her job with the City of Burbank, he/she might notice a Rep. Fee deducted on his/her paycheck. That’s the fee which every employee pays and doesn’t mean that they are automatically a Union member.
How do I know who my shop Steward is?
You can ask your supervisor, coworkers or simply the BCEA office for your Steward’s name and number.
I have a problem at work and I need help.
Your first and best choice would be to contact your Steward. If he/she was unable to help, you can call the BCEA office for the Chief Steward’s information or making an appointment to see the Union President.
How do I file a Grievance?
After contacting your Steward, he/she will fill out a grievance form. You can also pick up a form from the BCEA office.
When can I participate in the Wellness Reimbursement program?
After completing 10 years of employment with the City of Burbank as a permanent Part-Time or Full-Time employee, you will be eligible to participate in the program.
How soon after submitting my wellness reimbursement form can I expect to see the payment on my pay stub?
All Wellness receipts are submitted to the Executive Board for approval on the third Wednesday of each month. After being approved and signed by the Board members and the President, they will be sent to the Benefit Department. The Benefit department will go through all receipts and forms to make sure of their accuracy. This takes probably two to three weeks.
What is the BERMT deductions on my paycheck?
BERMT is the Burbank Employees’ Retiree Medical Trust started in April of 2003.  Contributions from the employer and the employee are taken out pre-tax and deposited into a pooled trust.  The BCEA, IBEW, and BMA have Trustee representatives on the Board of Trustees that take care of the business of the Trust.  Currently benefits are paid to participants who are 58 years old, retired from the City of Burbank, and 5 years of contributions have been made; that benefit is set at $300.00 (tax free) a month for insurance or other health expenses.  More info at: http://bermt.com/images/summaryburbank.pdf